hoho. it's been sio long since i've update my entry. hehe.
is it? guess so..
well. live have been so busy and so GREAT that i forgot to update my blog. hehe.
well. life in UMP isn't so harsh i guess.
i met great friends, friendly housem8, sporting classm8, caring brother.
cyezly, life have been so perfect here.
haha. well, sme bnda ad hkmah kn?
who knows that i'll b taking a mechanical engineering?
jauh sgguh dr mnat ak. haha.
tp da 2 rzeki ak, nk wat cne? kn2?
ingtkn kt sni xleh kuar, tp bleh dktakn tiap2 mggu jgak kuar, siap dgn full equipped driver yg sdia anta ble2 msa. hehe. ;)
erm. 2-3 mggu nie sgt bz, wif all assignment, test, project, camp, club, event.
sooo. 2 friends, sorry eh klau kdg2 lme gler xcntct. huhu,
ak bkan xnk cntct korg, tp life mmg bz gler laa month nie. huhu.
final is around the corner kot. huhu.
tp kn? yg xbezny, npe bday ak msuk area final??
uhuh. xpena2. first time kot.
well~ len kli laa update g. rite now ak ad 4 assignment fluid yg need 2 b submit next week. huhu.

:: 'what do u call a boy and a girl that text everyday, call every nite, eat together every weekend, outing every week, meet up every day?? ' ::

p/s :  it's friends~ ;)

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