My Awesome Friends~

Dah berhabuk da belog ak nie.. Haha.. Long time not updating and here I am..
(Nie pn dpt ilham konon2 rndu ble tgk Istanbul, aku datang.. Tapi cyezly that movie really give deep meaning to me. Although it kinda cliche to me.. Ape2 pun ak da kluar topik, hahaha)
Today, I wanna talk about my awesome friends.. ;)
We've got like 11 members which always hang out together, outing together n in the same class. Some of us even in the same house. Heeee. It's quite amusing for me I guess. It's my first time having a large group friends.. Haha.. Futhermore, it's a 1Malaysia group. We got Sarawak, Sabah, Kelantan, Johor, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah. (It's not totally 1Malaysia rite? Haha. But we still got people from utara, timur and selatan. We just don't hve the West side yet.. Haha.)
My life in UMP has been so great and cheerrful thanx to them.. Guys, u all just soo awesome!

Some of us~ Wearing a faculty jacket~

Next time I'll tell each of them.. That's all.. Daaa~

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