bye2 um.. hye swak..

yeah!! tday is the day!! finally.. =)
skenye.. hehe..i'll b going home 2 kuching!!
erm.. i gonna left mr teddy here.. huhu.. so sad..
never mind.. i still got my 'syg' n my 'baby' back home..
haha.. (nma teddy 2 taw..) haha..
erm.. aku xtaw nape.. cm sdeh jer nk tgglkn sni..
cm pergi xkmbali jer..
walawei.. huhu.. asl masok mode sdeh nie?
haha.. aku xtaw nape.. lately aku rndu this 2 guys..
haha.. i miss him.. i miss dy.. dy un dh menyepi..
tara hal laa (wlaupun sdeh sket)..
ermm... him?? he's that sum1..
ntah laa.. he's back..
dh blek swak un.. jelesnyer.. huhu..
erm.. wondering.. will he answer my kol if i call him??
wanna gve a try.. but then.. what should i say??
idk.. erm.. miss being his frenz..
miss being his patient.. erm..
am i missing him bcoz i really miss him @ is it bcoz i'm lonely??
dy an dh xde.. erm..xtaw laa.. sumtymes..
it's btter if.. erm.. xpe laa.. i know u know what i mean..
figure it urself laa.. haha..
who am i missing riite now? him @ dy? @ both??

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