erm.. i'm a bit flustered now..
and i'm wondering..
nisa? haven't u juz have been rejected?
haha.. but.. i'm acting as if i'm happy..
am i? haha.. guess so..
at last he is being..
erm.. what do we called it..
considerated? haha..
ntah laa.. but.. really thanx..
haha.. yup.. his words does sound harsh..
but.. i dont mind it.. since it's him..
frustrated? yup.. maybe a lil bit..
it'll b a huge lie if i say i didn't feel anythg rite?
haha.. plus.. being rejected 4 the second tme by a same person..
well.. quite hurt.. but.. i recover pretty fast..
why? bcoz it's him..
haha.. nk mrah un 15 mnit jer.. n then i'm ok..
trus ase nk kol dy g 2..
haha.. that evening, our conversation quite serious i think..
well.. 2nite is quite good..
although i'm quite nervous at first when i c his status in fb..
pergh.. i do have quick panic rite?
haha.. luckily it's not me..
and do u know how grateful i am?
cyezly.. this is soo true..
haha.. erm.. i juz kol him 4 20 mnutes 2day..
haha.. coz he have 2 get early 2morrow..
well.. i dont mind.. although calling him means this is the third tme i top up 4 this week..
hwaha.. i do act things crazily.. rite?
well.. i juz cant help it.. since i'm happy..
well.. besides.. i dont want us 2 b like b4.. cyezly.. it really hurt me a lot..
when suddenly he is missing n avoiding me..
pergh.. n now.. i dont wanna him gone..
yup.. even if its mean that its unrequited love..
so what? does u really need 2 have what u want?
(well that's a lesson 4 me.. sheesh.. i do complaint a lot b4,.. haha)
loving somebody does not necessarily mean that u have 2 be his..
sumtymes.. it's better this way..
i love our friendship more than i love him..
so, i dont wanna lose him....
even if his erm.. quite.. well.. u know him.. haha..
but that's the fun part... n that''s what i love the most..
around everyone, he is just being himself..
he didn't pretend like sum1 else n juz show his true self wheter u like it or not..
do he care? haha.. yup.. i like that part..
well.. our conversation sound erm.. quite formal at first.. but then..
i changed the subject.. haha.. well.. don't u guys call me a non stop talker b4?
well.. with him, i'm juz a listener.. i prefer hearing him complaint.. haha..
so not me.. well.. it's true..
rejected 4 second tme?
does it mean i'll give up? nope..
haha.. give up? what does it mean by that?
well.. i wont stop loving him.. but i'll stop giving hope 2 myself..
well.. sumtmes, i think that i'm not good enough..
i'm not up 2 his standard.. but.. that's not the case..
there's sumthg.. sumthg that i wanna know..
haaha.. well.. i leave all this 2 Allah..
Allah knows what is better 4 us rite..
erm.. in the mean time, should i call him every day??
haha.. so ridiculous nisa..
erm.. i've call him 4 times already.. opss.. 5 times.. n 4 nights..
erm.. yesterday, i dont stand a chance.. coz he is staying at uia..
so.. i'm quite.. erm.. shy?
well.. erm..
today i watch mischievous kiss aka playful kiss..
it's a korean movie..
well.. when i see the heroin..
i dont know why but i see myself in her..
well.. not exactly like her..
i'm not that fanatic with him.. haha..
well.. i'm gonna wait.. haha..
if he's not 4 me.. i'll accept..
arranged marriage sounds ok.. haha..
plus.. my father already choose sum1 4 me..
pergh.. yup.. he is handsome.. good looking, kind and all that praise..
yup.. i've seen him.. talked 2 him.. i call him abg..
but then.. that's it.. haha..
yup.. i keeep falling 4 him..
so there's no other space 4 sum1 else..
sorry.. my heart is fully occupied with him.. haha...
erm.. well.. i dont know why.. lately i'm juz boring..
huhu.. everyday same routine.. it's sooo borg..
( except calling part.. it never makes me boring.. ^_^..)
well.. now.. i've found my old hobby..
when korean starts 2 bored u, here comes anime.. haha..
thanx 2.. dy..
haha.. well.. what else 4 me 2 say?
erm.. well.. i juz can't sllep 2nite..
bcoz i'm waiting 4 six o'clock..
n if i sleep i might miss it..
wondering why six o'clock?
well.. juz wanna say safe journey 2 him..
haha.. sounds stupid..?
well.. i'm stupid if it involve him..
haha.. well.. better get moving..
anime is waiting 4 me rite now.. haha..
k laa.. daa~ c u later..

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