berblah bg?
ye ke?
is it?
haha.. kpd sesiapa yg membce blog ak.. (klau ade laa.. haha..)
msti korg prasan kn..
dlm shari bpe byk post yg ak wat..
haha.. 2 mksudny ak sgt2 borg yer..
hehe.. sorry klau anda terbce post yg ak ase..
cm xbez jer.. haha..
lntak laa.. it's up 2 u nk bce ke x..
well.. i advise u don't..
haha.. this is all bout me.. n only me..
so.. why bother? erm.. cm xbaek jer bnyi an?
ntah laa.. maaf laa..
otak ak tgh xbrape nk btol sgt skung..
taw x.. dlu i used 2 think..
cti blalu sgt cpat.. haish..
ak ase sgt lmbt.. huhu.. i wnder why?
ceh.. action jer lbey ak an? haha..
yup.. it's bcoz of dy..
well.. haha..
ntah laa.. bia laa..
pg td.. ttbe jer dy anta mcg ckap ad awek duk sbelah dy..
haha.. asl ckap kt ak ek? ak un plek..
well.. lyn jer laa.. i'm gonna win a good actress rite?
haha.. well.. ntah laa..
now.. ak dh dpat dh cntrol feeling ak ngn dy..
well.. except in here laa..
so dont compare here wif outside world pliz..
especially u..
erm.. well..
having a crush quite erm.. idk how 2 put in words..
haha.. will i b like Oh Ha Ni?
or will i end up like Bong Joon Gu?
well.. it's undecided yet..
but then..
i'm still waiting..
waiting 4 what?
even me myself dont know what am i waiting..
haha.. well.. as long as i enjoy my lufe..
let me b myself..
haha.. well.. mlm nie kol dy g.. sian dy..
tiap2 mlm b4 dy tdo ak kol dy..
jhat kn ak?
huhu.. mcm td..
smpy ttdo dy..
sian lak.. huhu..
well.. ak xsgka ak akn jmpe org cmtu g..
haha.. well.. r all perakian the same?
haish.. i doubt that..
erm.. well..
should stop?
cyezly.. i intend on not calling him 2nite.. act.. not even mcg him..
but i failed.. i betrayed myself... haha..
well.. yup.. first, i juz wanna text him..
but then, i start 2 feel unease when i'm not hearinh his vice..
haish.. i should juz record it rite? haha..
waa~ why am i turning like some kind of a desperate here??
hello?? haish..
ak sgguh plek...
why am i only thinking bout him..
opss.. have i been imprinted or what?
ceh.. prasan dlm dnia vampire laa plak.. keh3..
will things gone well 4 me..
well.. after finishing pasum..
we'll never meet again rite..
idk.. what will happen back then?
there r only 5 months left..
what will happen?
i'm really damn curious..
ntah laa..
erm.. nisa.. 4 this upcoming days, will u promise urself not 2 text him?
could u do that? no texting, no calling..
can u bear it?
erm.. can i challenge myself like that?
what would i end up in?
getting hurt?
well.. i dunno..
yup.. i know.. n always remind myself..
wif him, i dont even stand a chance..
not even a tiny slightest chance..
i know my place..
he's juz 2 high..
well.. i'm juz.. wanna b hepi..
cn i?
i dont hope anythg from him..
juz.. stay wif me.. even as frenz..

yup.. thanx.. i've really causing u a troble back then.. this past few days..
well.. i call u every nyte, b4 u sleep..
yup.. u said u dont mind..
but.. i do care act.. i dont call 4 any man without reason..
even if he's my best friend..
even if it's ur twin.. haha..
so.. don't ask me why i dont call ur twin k?
i call u bcoz it's u..

*ap ak mepek kt ats 2 ek.. ak un xbape fhm..
haha.. lntak laa.. yg pnting..
i'll try..
plus.. xkn nk topup utk kli ke4 kot?
haha.. well..
i think i will topup after this.. haha..
juz wait n c what 2morrow brings 4 me..
well.. c ya..
ai ai.. thank u..
4 being wif me every nite.. (sounds like a perv.. pergh..)

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